March 9, 2018

A happy Martin with his monstergädda,,sv,But suddenly Martin gets a better hug that bends the ladder sharply,,sv,When the puppet breaks the surface it will be completely quiet in the boat,,sv,She is sickly rough and has the length of it,,sv,After some cruel rushes, Jonas can help her,,sv,There will be joy in the boat and the happiness is total,,sv,At last, the monster is in the hollow,,sv,Salmo Sweeper was well placed in the mungip and was easy to loosen,,sv,She measures the mat,,sv,cm and she is really rough with a huge belly,,sv,She weighs in on the whole,,sv,kg and it gets cranked in the boat,,sv,Monstergäddan,,en,What to start with,,sv,Martin has achieved another goal,,sv,now 15k g the field is blown,,sv,Martin drilled the monster with Ifish softbait poke and the roll Ifish,,sv.

Martin fick monstergäddan på kroken

Detta fiskereportage handlar om när Martin fick monstergäddan på kroken och sprängde 15 kilos gränsen med råge. Martin var ute med sin teamvän Jonas och nötte på en djupkant utanför en lekvik. Fisket hade varit trögt med endast några mindre gäddor. Men plötsligt får Martin et
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