Sea fishing

230 cm Hälleflundra

I fiskereportaget 230 cm Hälleflundra och mycket, mycket mer här i Å, Lofoten berättar Johan Mikkelsen historien om jätteflundran. Veckan har varit en riktig blåsig, regnig och allmänt tuff vecka för våra gäster. Mycket av tiden har vi legat och krigat i vågorna utanför campen.
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Catch and Release

In fiskeartikel, Catch and Release Fish in the newspaper where the issue of catch and release is illuminated from different directions. Catch and Release (C & R) is a fishing where the fish are raised and then released back, it is not caught and eaten, but for the fish to be photographed and
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Team Poseidon i Söröya – 2011

In detta fish reportage, Team Poseidon i Söröya – 2011 in Fish Magazine takes Patrik and his father Olle us on a fishing trip to Northern Norway. This year Norway Visiting went back to Soroya after last year detour to Havøysund. We were on the trip was Team Poseido
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redfish in Soroya - 2009 in fish reportage in fish tidning

Soroya – 2009

In this fishing reports Soroya – 2009 takes Team Poseidon with us at one fiskeäventyr till Sørøysund in Norway. Although this year's Norway Visiting went to Soroya and with hindsight, it would prove to be the right decision. We were on this year's trip was me and my Father (Olle) and
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Fiskecamp in fish reportage Havoysund 2010 in fisketidningen

Havøysund – 2010

In this fishing reports Havøysund – 2010 Team Poseidon takes us on a fishing adventure to Havøysund. Now it was time to try something new after 2 years of Soroya so the choice fell on Havøysund. The goal for us this trip was to improve our personal best halibut said
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