Trout Fishing

Night fishing in Arjeplog mountains.

Fishing trip in Adolfström

The fish story "Fishing trip in Adolfström" says Per-Anders Hamberg about a trip he made with his two sons in Arjeplog mountains. Squalls pushed our little boat inexorably against the sharp rocks. Not the strokes had failed we would not risk
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char adventure on fish magazine

Joel Rynbäck på Rödingsäventyr

I detta reportage är Joel Rynbäck på rödingsäventyr i hemelijärvi. Var på ett rödingvatten som vi vet har individer över fem kilo, vi nötte nästan dygnet runt från torsdag till söndag. Uruselt fiske var det vi mötte och det enda som ville fastna, på kroken var det dä
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pimpelbulka at jigging for char

Ice fishing for trout

In detta fish reportage, Ice fishing for trout takes Göran Borin with us at this year's ice premiered in Loberg Tjärn, Karlsdal. Finally got this winter season's first pimpletur and it was in Loberg Tjärn as it is in char throughout the ice season. Mike and I arranged a meeting at
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mystery thickens at jigging for char Part II of fish Journal

Ice fishing for trout, Part II

In detta fish reportage, Ice fishing for trout, Part II, Göran Borin takes us to Loberg Tjärn, Karlsdal. Again, we had decided to ice fishing up at Loberg tarn and see if char is on the ball today! I arrived just before eight o'clock and it had not been
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