laxdrillar hand at fishing magazine fiskemagasinet.se

Laxdrillar hand

The fish story Laxdrillar hand you have to be with that it does not always go as you had in mind when fishing. It was a rainy evening when a friend and I decided to go fishing salmon. Jag stod redan i vattnet och fiskade när han kom till platsen där vi skulle
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Successful Salmon fishing

In detta fish reportage, Successful Salmon fishing in Fish Magazine, The guided tour is about hard to beat fishing experience in Torneåälv. Now when sitting and binds flies to the lay ahead laxpremiären it is not for nothing that you remember back to previous fishing experiences. There are special
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Joel Jonsson salmon from his vacation in the fishing magazine, fiskemagasinet.se

Fishing Vacation

Joel Jonsson talks about his vacation fishing in this fishing reports. The question was, we would go? On holiday in the sun or up to Norrland and to fish for salmon. The answer was simple and obvious to me, two-week salmon fishing in Vindelälven up on Gargnäs / Fåstrand Fishery. The
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Johans TaunoLures levererar

Johan är en fisketokig betesbyggare från Norrköping. Han driver sitt betesbyggande under namnet TaunoLures som är kända att leverera. Hans pappa var född i Finland, därav det finsk-klingande namnet som han även bär själv som andra namn. Hans gör sina beten i trä och då mestadels
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Night fishing in Arjeplog mountains.

Fishing trip in Adolfström

The fish story "Fishing trip in Adolfström" says Per-Anders Hamberg about a trip he made with his two sons in Arjeplog mountains. Squalls pushed our little boat inexorably against the sharp rocks. Not the strokes had failed we would not risk
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Ebba the way the Prime fishing

In detta fish reportage, Ebba leads the way at the premiere fishing in Fish magazine we follow Ebba and her family at the premiere of the club lake. I decided with my oldest daughter that we would go to the premiere fishing for rainbow and that we would sneak out early so that the others
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Fishing Styles and Fashion clothing at Salmon

In detta fish reportage, Fish Styles and Fashion model at Salmon Fishing in Fish magazine receives almost coffee into his windpipe. At salmon get to see a variety of fishing styles and even an occasional fashion clothes that makes you a little wondrous sometimes when sitting on the bench. I
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