Fly Fishing

Scales Ornamental headed west - and got the baby in this fish story in flowing water

Scales Orna headed west and got to talk

Ann-Marie Stålgren writes about the pleasant fishing weekend, Scales Orna headed west and got to talk. In late August 2010 Drug ten women in Sundsvall fish association Scales Orna to Östjämtland to fishing during the weekend. They visited Ann Marie Stålgren and Lillis Fastén cottage
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Joy and Melancholy

In detta fish reportage, Happiness and sadness in Fish Magazine takes Patrik Bergqvist from Rospiggen Fishing us to Gimdalen in Jämtland. The way home through a beautiful autumn Sweden does not create the feeling you maybe should have. The air is loud and clear, lakes and rivers glows in the clearest blue,
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my first skagitlax in fish story

My first Skagitlax

In detta fish reportage, My first Skagitlax in Fish Magazine, takes Jim Wennmark and his dad with us on a fishing trip to Skagit in Norway. New conditions, new opportunities is a common saying. You just have to see them. In my case it was a lot of chance for a little extra
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