Grayling Fishing

Catch and Release

In fiskeartikel, Catch and Release Fish in the newspaper where the issue of catch and release is illuminated from different directions. Catch and Release (C & R) is a fishing where the fish are raised and then released back, it is not caught and eaten, but for the fish to be photographed and
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Joy and Melancholy

In detta fish reportage, Happiness and sadness in Fish Magazine takes Patrik Bergqvist from Rospiggen Fishing us to Gimdalen in Jämtland. The way home through a beautiful autumn Sweden does not create the feeling you maybe should have. The air is loud and clear, lakes and rivers glows in the clearest blue,
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Naken i Råsto

In detta fish reportage, Naken i Råsto i Fisketidningen tar Jan Hållén med oss på ett härligt fiskeäventyr i vår vackra fjällvärld. Knappast ens vår natur och äventyrsskildrare Hans Lidman skulle nog dristat sig till att simma naken över Laino älv för att nå jungfruliga
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