Sverigegäddans autumn contest

19 oktober 2019, the clock has just passed 16.00. The battle is over, both mentally and physically, and I can not say that we won anything at all on this day. Team Snipsjöns three worn members sitting in the car, mostly in silence. The contest is over, Sverigegäddans autumn contest 2019 is
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Källa: Unsplash

series, podcasts and games with the fish theme

Sometimes the weather is too bad to fish. Not even the best of clothes and equipment can help when the wind storm or when the temperature is too low. If fish cravings yet kicked in, there are emergency solutions. There are numerous TV shows and podcasts that are both
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fish picture fish tidningen

Fishing trip by car through neighboring countries

Going on a trip abroad might spontaneously feel awkward, because fishing rules differ quite markedly between countries. In this article, we thought help to sort out the practicalities of fishing in our neighboring countries so that you can focus on the
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laxdrillar hand at fishing magazine

Laxdrillar hand

The fish story Laxdrillar hand you have to be with that it does not always go as you had in mind when fishing. It was a rainy evening when a friend and I decided to go fishing salmon. Jag stod redan i vattnet och fiskade när han kom till platsen där vi skulle
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Happiness is complete with this beautiful trout.

A lovely day in the archipelago with trout in sight

In this story a great day in the archipelago with trout in sight we follow Fredrik Winter on a trip with friends. Finally some own fishing, no job, no guidance without his fishing buddies. Sure, it's a little guided tour of his friends, but the difference is that I can
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Fish Report from the Southern Baltic

In detta fish reportage, Fish Report from the southern Baltic Sea Fish Magazine takes Johan Abelsson with us on an adventure trolling for salmon. The fishing in the southern Baltic Sea has been good throughout the fall, by the end of August, salmon chop properly. I came down with my boat last
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fish reportage on fisketidningen

Exciting fishing games to mobile

For those of us who love fishing, there is always a craving to go away to the lake and throw the rod. Especially when we have time to kill. But for obvious reasons, we can not always go fishing when we feel like it. Instead, we can during such times devote ourselves to the fishing game on the mobile phone.
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Sweden is filled with good fishing

We all have our favorite places when going fishing, perhaps it is a place near her childhood home or at the cottage. Yet there is a desire to discover new places, both for fishing and nature. Are you perhaps a new place for next season? Read on
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Rugged mobiles for fishing in all waters

The cell phone has become an essential part of modern recreational fishing. There are apps that help to find the best waters and there are apps that let you know when the fish are biting (phone is then on the spot). In addition, like most of us take a picture of the big catch and display it on
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Successful Salmon fishing

In detta fish reportage, Successful Salmon fishing in Fish Magazine, The guided tour is about hard to beat fishing experience in Torneåälv. Now when sitting and binds flies to the lay ahead laxpremiären it is not for nothing that you remember back to previous fishing experiences. There are special
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